July 14th, 2009


  • Threat assessmentsSurvey and identify threats and solutions for the physical, strategic, and electronic properties of your buildings, operations, and locations.
  • Long range security planning and budgeting
    Identify long range security solutions. Develop a plan to acquire these solutions and determine the budgetary considerations based on the cost of equipment, installations, and manning.
  • Specification development
    Develop specification by equipment evaluation and use assessment to correctly identify the manufacturers equipment that will adequately perform the specific requirement.
  • Preparation of offerings RFO, RFQ, RFP, or bids
    Determine the best method of soliciting responses to the proposed security solution in a public or private offering. Each method has specific advantages and negatives that require careful consideration
  • Expert witnessing
    Provide expert opinion or explanations in events or circumstance involving electronic security equipment. Behind the scenes support for your legal team or in court testimony. Review or consultation of scenes, documentation, or equipment involved in suspect events or failure to respond situations.
  • Specific security training in several areas
    Provide training in security electronics equipment operations or commissioning. Provide sight specific training, documentation or operational guidelines.
  • Risk carrier negotiations
    Negotiate on your behalf prior to executing security procedures, equipment renovations, or extensive security enhancements to reduce premiums in exchange for reducing risks. Design programs in conjunction with your risk carrier to reduce premiums and exposure.
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