December 3rd, 2013


Mission Statement

To provide clients the very best security advice and recommendations based on experience, research, and continued involvement with the security industry’s leading manufacturers.  I will be a totally unbiased resource for my clients providing them with the best recommendations for their situations and goals.  I will not seek to provide one-size fits all solutions as companies are forced to do because they have signed some exclusive agreement with a single manufacturer but will recommend what is appropriate and applicable.

Total confidentiality is assured and is considered a solemn vow between the client and Professional Security Consulting, I will never discuss your problems or their solutions outside of our relationship.

Whether it is security equipment recommendations or applications, expert witnessing, threat assessment, security management planning, or specification developments for bids you can expect a personal approach and not a stale “canned” solution provided by a single manufacturer for convenience or profit.  I provide professional service in my work and not just on my business card.

License Information
Henry L. Homrighaus, Jr.
is Licensed by the
Texas Department of Public Safety
Private Security Board
License # B16394
Contact Information
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Regular Mail:ProSecCon, Inc. dba
Professional Security Consulting
16 20th. Ave. N.
Texas City, TX, 77590
Phone: (409) 692-2743

Partial List of Publications

2012 Second Edition 2006 First Edition
 Second Edition Cover First Edition Primer
Partial List of Associations
CRO Certified abchs2 SFPE-ASA
Partial List of Certifications
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